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  • IP Degree Designation Form

    » Download the IP designation fill-form here.  (standard PDF non-fill form here)

    In order to receive the International Plan designator, graduating IP students are required to complete and have signed the IP Degree Designation Form.  You are advised to have the IP Designator form signed prior to your major's degree Online Application for Graduation due date.

    Once you have downloaded and completed this form, please first obtain the signature of your major school (IP Faculty Representative or Academic Advisor), then make an appointment with the Assistant Director of the IP.  Bring to the appointment your completed IP Designator Form.  You and the IP Assistant Director will review the IP form together to determine your current status in the program and any remaining IP requirements at the time you petition to graduate.  Please allow yourself 15 - 20 minutes for this appointment. After obtaining the signature of the IP Assistant Director on your designator form, the IP office will keep your original form and submit all designations to the Registrars office. 


  • Getting Started in the IP

    » Download!

    "Getting Started in the IP" is an advisement tool for all newcomers to the International Plan but is written with first semester freshmen in mind.

  • IP Checklist

    » Download the IP Checklist!

    Students in the International Plan must complete certain academic and administrative requirements in the process of earning the designator.  Please see the attached checklist to determine what those steps are and to track when each step must be completed.  You may use this document to plan and/or track your status in the program at any time while earning the IP.  Students who fail to complete the various requirements risk not earning the IP designator upon graduation.

  • International Experiences Approval Form

    » Download!

    Students going abroad for any work, study, or research term intended to count toward the 26-week minimum international experience requirement use this form to have their experiences approved. Please refer to the "IP Checklist" link above for additional information. Otherwise, download the form, complete it, and obtain the appropriate signatures.  Be sure read the form prior to obtaining signatures!

    To obtain the signature of the IP Assistant Director, please contact the Office of International Education.  Once you have obtained all signatures, submit the form to the Office of International Education.

  • Language Designation: ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview  (an option for everyone!)


    All students have the option to develop deeper proficiency in the language and obtain national certification in their language of choice and an extra “Language Proficiency” distinction on their transcript by completing the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview.

    To arrange an appointment to take this exam, go to the Modern Languages website link above. There you will see a link to the “OPI Testing form” on the right.  Complete the form and submit it according to the directions provided.

    It is recommended that you take the exam as soon as possible upon completing your 26 week international experience.  Your language skills are fresh and your chance of success is higher.  The IP pays for the first exam.  However, if a student who does not achieve the desired score, he/she may elect to re-take the exam at their own cost.

    Students taking the ACTFL/OPI exam are advised to do so no later than:

    • Fall graduates - November 15
    • Spring graduates – April 1
    • Summer graduates – July 1

    To gain the Language Proficiency recognition, students must score at the following levels on the proficiency exam (other languages are available as well, but here is a sampling):

    • French - Intermediate High
    • German - Intermediate High
    • Spanish - Intermediate High
    • Arabic - Intermediate Mid
    • Chinese - Intermediate Mid
    • Japanese - Intermediate Mid
    • Korean - Intermediate Mid
    • Russian - Intermediate Mid

    To learn more about the different ratings, please click here

    For more information about how to prepare for the exam, contact Dr. Bettina Cothran, the IP faculty representative from the School of Modern Languages.. For questions about scheduling the exam, contact Candise Favors, Administrative Professional in the School of Modern Languages.

  • IP Petition for an Exception or Appeal to Policies or Requirements

    » Download!

    International Plan students who wish to be granted an exception to an IP policy or who wish to appeal an IP requirement should download the petition form, complete it, and submit it as directed. It is recommended that you provide any supporting documentation that will help make a better case for your appeal, such as a letter of support from a faculty member, or a course syllabus (class descriptions will not suffice for course approvals), etc. A separate form should be submitted for each request.

    Petitions and Appeals are reviewed in the fall and spring semesters and students should allow 4-6 weeks for a decision. Committees do not meet during the summer semester and therefore do not review petitions during the summer semester. Be sure to plan accordingly.

  • International Plan Cancellation

    » Cancellation Form

    We are sorry to hear you are considering canceling your participation in the program! Before you make your final decision, we would love to help guide you. Please contact the International Plan for assistance with your IP. If you have already made your final decision, please complete the online IP Cancellation Form.